Project Portfolio

  • National Cathedral, Washington D.C. – Highlights: Multi year Tree Care and Tree Preservation Services

  • Chosen from only 5 Companies in Metro Region qualified to bid and perform this high level of Tree Service.

  • Presbyterian Home of Washington D.C.- Highlights: Two year installation project involving over 500 cubic yards of topsoil installation, Tree Spading 30 foot tall Maples into Courtyard area, Installation of over 30 very large mature Evergreen trees with ball sizes over 9 feet in diameter, averaging 10 tons in weight apiece.

  • Catholic Charities Corporate Office, Baltimore City : Highlights: Renovation of Courtyard Area by pruning existing mature Honey Locust and installing new Trees and Shrubs, including fountain and pond.

  • ARC ( Association of Retarded Citizens) of Anne Arundel County Highlights: “Chemical Free” weed control Annual Maintenance Contract for Corporate Office.

  • Department of the Army - Fort Meade Military Base – Install BayScapes Garden and perform Monthly Chemical Free Bed Maintenance.

  • Department of the Army – Aberdeen Proving Ground – Renovation of existing BayScapes Garden and perform Monthly Chemical Free Bed Maintence.

  • Comcast – Antennae Site Vegetation Control ( chemical and mechanical )

  • Maryland Capital Department of Parks and Recreation - Baysox Stadium Irrigation Services.